Studying online could be draining, stressing and boring. Yes, we know that.

That’s why we have carefully prepared 5 sweet fun tips for you to get the best out of your online learning experience on our beautiful platform QRT.

With the tips stated below, you will be able to survive the draining, stressing and boring scare the online learning experience could bring.

Here are the 5 Fun Tips we implore you to apply in your daily online learning, both on QRT or on any online Institution:


1. Be Familiar with the Course Environment

In a face-to-face class, it is easy to know where things are located. In an online class, however, information is not always as evident as it could or should be.

At QRT, we use a different learning management system (LMS) for online classrooms and many different course components. Also, when you first enter our online class, you can be easily overwhelmed.

The more comfortable you are with the online environment, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

Some of the important components with which you need to be familiar are as follows:

  • The discussion boards / Forums
  • The assignment area
  • The assessment area
  • The various lesson
  • The syllabus / curriculum
  • The Instructor’s contact information
  • The announcements area
  • The grading area

If there are other course-specific areas in the online classroom (such as video conferencing tools or break-out rooms), it is important to know about them as well.

PSSST: You can simply take a tour of our beautiful platform before you get started with your learning experience.


2. Set a Major Goal

An important tip for anyone attending or considering online learning is to stay on task. It’s understandable that sometimes things happen in life that are unforeseen and pull us away from our studies. But you must keep your primary goal in mind.

When you set goals that are personally important, you’re more likely to manage your time in a way to accomplish them.

For online study to be a successful experience, you need to be passionate about your chosen course of study. This passion will drive you to be disciplined and to persevere when deadlines are looming.

Focus on the big picture and remember why you chose to study in the first place. Take one step at a time and, before you know it, you’ll be closer to achieving your dreams.

Keep in mind why you are seeking this course. Just having the mindset that I’m doing this for my family, or I’m doing this for a better career, or just doing it to say “hey I did it” is enough encouragement to keep your mind on your studies.

Keep the end goal in mind. When you have been stressed about a deadline, or your thoughts are diverted from your studies, you can try to take a 5-minute break and visualize where you want to be. Your end goal could be to be a Digital Marketing Expert, because you see top marketers help businesses grow and maybe Digital Marketing has been a great influence to you in many ways. You can try to visualize yourself helping other brands during their difficult times, and it would surely help you get back on track.

Want it! Want it bad enough to obtain it through any means necessary. It’s imperative to read more, listen closely, collaborate and keep in close contact with online tutors, students or coordinators.

Constantly remind yourself why you are going to school. Online school is completely self-driven and reminding yourself why you started in the first place can boost your drive and help you achieve your goal of a career!

That desire to attain dreams and become a student must always be with you, through every course, and for every goal you wish to accomplish. You must approach lessons with conviction, whether it be practicing tutorials or doing further research.


3. Make a Study Plan

Make a study plan!

At the beginning of each course, take your time to plan readings and work on practicals.

Although you can regularly adjust the plan if necessary, to keep you on track.

Set out a clear and achievable study plan and stick to it to it 95% of the time, allowing yourself some room and respite for the unexpected.

Be organized and set a certain amount of hours per day or week into your schedule for studying.

Write out a weekly schedule with dates and times.

Make sure to set aside enough time to focus only on school with no distractions. That’s important.

Have a planner for school only. In your planner you can organize your daily tasks or practicals that need to be completed.

You will write down how many times you will have to be involved in discussions in QRT Forums.

You will also schedule your study sessions and which of the topics You will be working on for that day.

This is really going to help you stay on top of due dates and keep you on track to be successful in your classes.

Plan ahead!

When it comes to online school, you don’t have a set time to sit around and do your work. You must always plan a time specifically on your own to do your work.

We strongly recommend creating a plan as per your enrolled course, personal study plan, and time management strategy according to the prescribed study hours per week.

These should be made a few days before you start learning.


4. Manage Time Carefully

Set a schedule and stick with it to keep you structured. People generally do better in a structured environment. So why not make it even easier for yourself.

If you know what time block you devote to school, you are more apt to be consistent, avoid late practicals and put study first.

If you used to wait until the last minute to complete practicals. That does nothing but add more stress.

We’ve come to realize that, if you pace yourself and stay proactive in your classes, you will feel better about your practicals. If you mess up on something, you will still have time to go back and fix it.

Estimate how much time you will need for study. Set up a schedule and inform your family / housemates.

It’s imperative to have the support of the people you live with. They can’t help you succeed if you don’t give them a chance. Success in online study boils down to one skill that can be applied to everything you do in life: Time Management.

Make a schedule that you can quickly check to see what you need to accomplish and when those tasks need to be complete.

Set aside time for yourself and for your studies. During your dedicated study time, try to disconnect from distractions like social media, your phone, or television so that you are able to focus on what you really need to get done.

And when you finish your lessons ahead of schedule like the rock star you are?

Look ahead and get a jump on future work. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

Make a weekly plan the day before a new week starts so you know what you are going to do as far as homework and research.

Divide everything up during the week so you know what to complete on a daily basis.

Review materials in small portions so you’re not cramming everything into one day, stressing out, and trying to hurry and get everything done at the last minute.


5. Ask Questions

It’s important if you’re struggling with a topic to be proactive and seek out help. Our online courses have great teachers just waiting to assist you.

Ask questions as soon as you have them.

There’s nothing worse than convincing yourself that you will eventually learn the subject and find out a week later that you still do not understand the topic.

Generally with online classes, one week is built off the knowledge of the past week.

If you do not understand week 1 or lesson 1, you will have greater difficulty in week 2 or lesson 2, and so on.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t understand, just ask.

Our tutors are there to help. Failure to ask may cost you mistakes in your practicals.

If you are confused about a course or have questions about a practical or lesson, do not hesitate to ask your tutor.

We are here to guide our students in the learning process.

We want to help our students succeed.