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In the video below, our handsome young Harvey explained what QRT is about.

Video Transcript

Our Story 01

Our Story

Who are we?

Quinn Royalty Tutorials (QRT) is an e-learning platform that helps brands and individuals learn how to make the best out of their lives, by tutoring great courses that helps them understand Marketing, Acquire new skills or Start a business and maintain a good online presence.

Quinn Royalty Tutorials is a Nigerian company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). Registration Code:– RC: 2914545.

Feel free to learn with us!

Our Goals 02

Our Goals

What we aim to acheive?

Our vision and focus is to make it possible for everyone to learn marketing, acquire nice skills or start a personal business online without worrying about the costs of learning.

We want everyone to be able to learn and acquire a skill without stress, from anywhere, anyplace and anytime!

Our Courses 03

Our Courses

What kind of courses do we offer?

We offer very intensive, interactive, practicable and highly educative courses at extremely affordable fees; as we want everyone to Learn on our beautiful platform. There are No Prerequisites, QRT is always available and accessible 24/7, so you can learn and practice your courses and tutorials from the comfort of your home, anywhere, anytime at your own convenience. Yes! we Award Certificates, Course Certificates are awarded after completing a course.

Our Features

Enjoy an amazing form of learning without stress!


We’re always available 24/7 so you can always learn via our platform. You have non stop access to your courses as long as it’s within the course duration you enrolled for.


At QRT, you get to learn marketing, acquire new skills and be enlightened with special tutorials on starting a side hustle or business from people with years of experience and passion in doing what they do.


At QRT, your learning experience never stops as we have lots of Forums for our courses with Tutors ready to assist you with your Learning Experience. You get to engage with other students, ask questions or share ideas via amazing forums.


Students can enroll for courses by bundles which comes at discounted and very affordable fees as we want our students to learn complete sets of skills without having to break the bank.


Students can save up for a course or for courses, if they are unable to enroll for the course at the time they came across it. We introduced this feature to help students learn from our platform without having to worry about paying for a course fee at once.


Have any issues and you need technical support? our QRT support team is just at your fingertips as we want you to enjoy your learning experience with us.

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