Mini Importation


I’m Miss peace, a Mini Importation Business Coach and Tutor; Amidst other businesses I’m into. I will show you how you can start your mini importation business from home using your smartphone device.

The information I will be giving out here will be enough to make you some 6 to 7 figures if you take it serious. This is because there is NO DAY I DON’T MAKE MONEY from it.

I will begin by intimating you with the goals of this training and what you should expect to know by the time we are done.


The goal of this course is to:

  • Introduce you to the basic concepts of Mini Importation (MI)
  • Help you understand what is needed to start a MI business
  • Stir you up and be a handy help in making your first revenues, using the MI business model
  • Show you profit potentials of some best selling products


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have a good and correct understanding of how the MI importation biz model works
  • Know that it costs relatively small cash investment to start a MI business
  • Understand what a niche is and make a niche choice based on my advice
  • Decide for yourself, after seeing successes recorded by mini importers in Nigeria, if this is something you can do to turn your financial fortunes around.
  • Recognize 10 product ideas that you has the potential to make you 6-figures within four weeks

and even more!


  • Well explained and compiled notes
  • Well detailed Image Descriptions



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