How to Enroll

Learn how to Enroll for a course on QRT

In the video below, Victoria explained how to enroll for a course on QRT.

How to enroll for a course

The steps below will show you how to enroll for a course on our platform.

Step 1: Sign Up on QRT and Search for a course

Sign up on QRT by clicking on the “Register” link just above our logo. Then you search for a course on the homepage or click on our drop down menu to access our courses page.

Step 2: Go through the course details

Select your desired course and go through the details of the course, such as curriculum, duration, pricing lessons and so on. So you understand how to schedule your time to learn your course and the type of contents in it.

Step 3: Pay for your desired course

Next, you are to click on the “ENROLL BY BUNDLE” or “ENROLL NOW” button displayed on the course page, you will find the button just above the name of the course tutor.

(Note: “ENROLL BY BUNDLE” is to enroll into a course bundle at a well discounted fee.

While “ENROLL NOW” is to enroll for the course only.)

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a page where you will be required to fill out a form with your full name, email address and so on.

Then proceed to complete the enrollment process by clicking on the “CHECKOUT” or “PAY WITH RAVE” button displayed at the end of the form. Then you are to pay for the course using your debit card or via bank transfer.

Step 4: Access your course

After completing the enrollment process, your course will be available on your QRT profile for you to start learning immediately.

To see your course, simply click on the “Avatar Icon” just above our logo to access your profile. You will see your course. Click on the name to get started with your learning experience; You may be required to click on the “ENROLL” button on the course page to activate your course.

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You can see that our enrollment process is so straightforward. Enroll for a course today to immediately get started with your learning experience!

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