Introduction to Website Creation and Blogging
Website creation and Blogging as a Digital Marketing Career
Creating a Website or a Blog
Website Creation and Blogging Practicals
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What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply a way to break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing your best life, as a blogger you get to do lots of information sharing online; thereby giving you a ‘boring-free’ life.

Owning and running a website by constantly updating posts or articles is also called Blogging.

As a blogger, you earn money through different methods and these methods I’m going to show you 3 out of them later on in this course.

Note: blogging is not a get rich quickly type of business because it requires patience, time and lots of devotion to get lots of people visiting your blog or website.

Blogging is also very popular in Nigeria and in other parts of the world and is also an important for your Digital Marketing career.

Blogging is a good start for all aspiring digital marketers, as a blog is like an online office for you.

Examples of blogs in Nigeria are:,,,, and many others.



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